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The Value of OEDA Membership: Share Your Story

This spring and summer, we’re sharing stories about the value of being connected with Oregon’s economic development community through OEDA membership. Join 150+ communities and organizations to:

Access economic development resources and information
Learn through economic development conferences and trainings
Advocate together for pro-economic development policies and priorities
Network with economic developers statewide and through volunteer committees

Send us your member testimonial! Our members make the OEDA community strong – so we’re collecting short testimonials! Using your cell phone or other recording device, send us a short informal video from anywhere sharing 1 way your OEDA membership supports your organization’s economic development work– whether it’s learning the latest at our conferences, connecting with EcDev colleagues, advancing policy, attending trainings…Videos can be filmed from your office, a development site, against a background or wherever and can be short (30 seconds to 1 min). Make sure to note your name, org/community and location.  Send us your video (director@oeda.biz) as a file or link, and we’ll incorporate into our member campaign!