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Economic vitality is key to every community

The Oregon Economic Development Association (OEDA) can be your best resource for training, best practices, connections and national recruitment opportunities.  In addition, OEDA is the only statewide group of economic development leaders advocating for legislative support for critical economic development priorities, programs and initiatives.

As an OEDA member, you have access to:

  • A Statewide Network

    OEDA connects you to over 85 economic development professionals including state, federal and regional partners.

  • Executive Training

    Comprehensive training programs featuring regional and national speakers will help you stay on the cutting edge of the profession. OEDA offers high caliber training programs including Spring and Summer Workshops and an annual two day conference each Fall.

  • A Voice at the State Level

    OEDA continues to educate legislators about economic development positions on programs, initiatives and bills that are important to our members. OEDA will develop a legislative strategy and key messages to advocate for economic development.

Many communities value their investment in an OEDA membership. We are looking forward to helping you develop your communities.




Membership Pricing

Population/Rate Payers Fee
Less than 20,000 $250
20,001 to 50,000 $500
More than 50,000 $750
Members/Clients Fee
Fewer than 250 $250
251-500 $500
More than 500 $750
Employees Fee
Fewer than 20 $250
21-50 $500
More than 50 $750