Tourism Boosts Oregon Business

Travel Oregon is one of the most visible manifestations—nationally and internationally—of the Oregon brand. The positive associations of Oregon established by the brand benefit businesses and agencies beyond hospitality, including:

  • High Tech, Manufacturing & Other Industries
    Vacationing executives consider relocating businesses to Oregon for its outdoor lifestyle and the overall quality of life that the Oregon brand espouses.
  • Agriculture
    Oregon’s thriving culinary and agri-tourism industry boosts the profile of Oregon seafood, produce, wine, beer and spirits, stimulating national and international sales.
  • State Parks/Marine Board/Fish & Wildlife
    More visitors are drawn to take advantage of Oregon’s great natural resources, populating more campsites and buying more boating, fishing and hunting tags.

Tourism is vital to our state’s economy. It provides jobs, fuels small business development and generates revenue in every corner of the state. The tourism and hospitality industry is Oregon’s largest traded sector employer and a leading contributor to our gross state product. With Travel Oregon investing collaboratively and strategically with businesses and organizations across the state, the Oregon brand will continue to contribute to the state’s economic well-being for many years to come.