Tax Increment Financing

Urban renewal is an important tool for economic development in Oregon. Through tax increment financing, urban renewal agencies can provide grants and other incentives to build infrastructure in support of community economic development activities. In 2017 the Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies (AORA) merged with OEDA to better serve members and our overlapping missions.

OEDA now has the TIF/Urban Renewal Committee to promote urban renewal best practices, provide professional development, and engage in advocacy for the ongoing viability of this important tool.

TIF/Urban Renewal Committee members will enjoy several benefits:

  • Full access to 2019 republication of Urban Renewal in Oregon Best Practices Manual with the supplementary appendix
  • Exclusive access online communication platform for urban renewal questions, conversations, and resource sharing
  • Member pricing to OEDA conferences with urban renewal content sessions
  • Exclusive access to new statewide UR case studies related to housing, plan amendments, and more

**To join OEDA and the TIF/Urban Renewal Committee and get access to these benefits, email for more information.

A complete list of Oregon urban renewal districts and detailed statistical tables for those districts are available in the Oregon Department of Revenue’s annually published Oregon Property Tax Statistics reports. These publications contain property taxes imposed by the type of district and the division of tax and special levy amounts calculated for each urban renewal agency and urban renewal plan.