Oregon Certified Economic Developer Training Program

An Oregon-Specific Program

The economic development landscape in Oregon is unique. Although professional development opportunities exist nationally (IEDC, CEcD), Oregon economic development professionals would benefit from Oregon-specific training to support and grow their communities. The Oregon Certified Economic Developer Program (OCED) is a formal professional development program aimed at ensuring Oregon’s economic development professionals receive the most current and relevant training in topics pertaining to the practice of economic development in Oregon. Course offerings include topics that benefit professionals in a variety of roles, including business recruitment and retention, tourism and marketing, business development, and community development and planning. Courses are designed to reinforce and strengthen the skills and knowledge of experienced professionals and provide helpful background for those entering the profession, as well as those new to Oregon. Beginning and mid-career professionals are encouraged to register.

Required Courses

Courses are offered quarterly in the order outlined below.

  1. Economic Development in Oregon: 101
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystems
  3. Economic Development Finance
  4. Business Recruitment & Lead Generation
  5. Business Retention & Expansion
  6. Real Estate Development & Reuse
  7. Building in Oregon
  8. Branding & Marketing for Economic Development


Provide high-quality economic development training to ensure Oregon communities have access to competent, resourceful, well-qualified economic development professionals and community leaders.




Program Goals

  • Provide professional development opportunities to Oregon’s economic development professionals and community leaders.
  • Provide training that offers usable content that practitioners can take back to their organization and implement. Grow the next generation of Oregon economic development professionals.
  • Provide easily affordable and accessible training on general and Oregon-specific economic development topics.

Program Oversite

The Oregon Economic Development Association, Oregon’s lead economic development professional and policy network, will administer the program with support from the Board of Directors, staff, and membership. Courses will be taught by experienced professionals with unique Oregon expertise.

Program Overview

Created for Oregon economic development professionals, by Oregon economic development professionals, the Oregon Certified Economic Developer Program (OCED) is a 64-credit certification consisting of 8 required training courses. The program is tailored to provide a broad-based knowledge of economic opportunities and trends, core competencies, and tools required to compete in today’s global economy with a focus on economic development in Oregon, both urban and rural. Courses will be offered in OEDA conference settings, as well as in one-day training modules throughout the year. Each course is taught by topic experts and reflects the realities of economic development in Oregon.

Core Values

The program is built on eight core values to ensure courses offer usable content.

  1. Relevance and importance of the topic to the economic development profession
  2. Core content competencies – critical skills and knowledge
  3. Organizations providing resources or leadership in the topic area
  4. Urban and rural perspective and applications
  5. Tools and resources
  6. Data and metrics
  7. Case studies
  8. Implementation tools and next steps; areas for further study


An OCED candidate must complete all eight required courses to become certified. Upon completion of certification requirements, participants are awarded the Oregon Certified Economic Developer Certification, indicating they have developed core competency in the principles and practices of economic development in Oregon. To maintain certification, participants must attend at least one OEDA event (including OEDA conferences or additional OCED courses) each calendar year. It is anticipated that participants can earn the OCED Certificate within a two-year time period and all courses will be offered on a two-year rotation.