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Two Oregon Economic Development Agencies Merge

The Oregon Economic Development Association has absorbed the Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies, retaining its name while inheriting new responsibilities.

Portland, Oregon – The Oregon Economic Development Association (OEDA), a professional trade organization that supports economic development practitioners in the state, has absorbed the Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies (AORA), an organization that supports best practices among the state’s urban renewal agencies. OEDA will continue to function under the same name, and will inherit functions of AORA including professional development, education, litigation, and assisting the League of Oregon Cities.

“I’m thrilled we’ve accomplished the merger between our Association and the Oregon Association of Redevelopment Agencies,” said Jon Stark, senior director of Redmond Economic Development Inc and president of OEDA. “It will provide members a broader spectrum and further competencies of the catalytic programs that foster growth in our respective communities and Oregon’s broad based economy.”

Thanks to the merger, the two organizations will benefit from more visibility in advocacy, better resource sustainability and development, and will be able to unite under a single executive director, Stark said.

“In reality, the two organizations are more similar than they are different,” said Justin Douglas of Prosper Portland and the president of AORA. “Both are committed to ensuring that Oregon municipalities have the tools and resources to invest in projects and initiatives that create jobs and deliver on local priorities.” He said the AORA members voted unanimously to merge to OEDA.

“Merging the two organizations will provide greater capacity to the collective organization and will strengthen the value received by our membership,” said Stark.

About OEDA: OEDA is a statewide non-profit that champions a balanced, prosperous, and robust Oregon economy. It advocates for economic development strategies that support its members’ organizations. It is recognized as the primary champion for the creation of a balanced, prosperous, and robust Oregon economy.