Tax Increment Financing Committee

The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Committee (formerly the Urban Renewal Committee) brings together representatives of TIF agencies across Oregon as well as key members of the TIF consulting community and other parties interested in this financial tool for economic development.  Participants are primarily members of the former Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies (AORA). The TIF Committee engages in critical advocacy for the TIF tool, develops informational tools, and shares resources and best practices for using TIF.

Join over 80 committee members and get plugged into a community of TIF experts. Members can participate from anywhere around the state.  Reach out by email to the committee chair listed below for information about joining OEDA’s Urban Renewal Committee. Members enjoy special resources:

  • Access to expanded Best Practices Manual with bonus Sample Materials and Case Studies section
  • Access to Oregon TIF Community email listserv for TIF questions, challenges, resources, and advice sharing
  • Access to the Oregon TIF Community peer network

In 2019, the TIF Committee published the 2019 Tax Increment Financing in Oregon Best Practices Manual.  TIF Committee members enjoy access to the expanded Best Practices Manual with bonus Sample Materials and Case Studies section.

In 2019 this committee made a conscious decision to begin to shift from the term urban renewal to tax-increment financing or TIF, a term used consistently in other parts of the nation. Statutory references using the term urban renewal are left in place in the Best Practices manual.  We hope you can begin to make this shift in your own community as well.

Tax Increment Financing Committee Contact

  • Sophie Adams Committee Chair

    City of Albany - Economic Development Manager

  • Matt Lorenzen Committee Co-Chair

    City of Wilsonville - City of Wilsonville

    (503) 570-1539