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OEDA announces Oregon Certified Economic Developer Program

OEDA is pleased to announce the creation of an Oregon Certified Economic Developer Program – a formal professional development program aimed at ensuring Oregon’s economic development professionals receive the most current and relevant training in topics pertaining to the practice of economic development in Oregon

This certification program was many years in the making. In 2013, we surveyed economic development professionals, members and non-members, about professional development opportunities. The survey asked about opportunities through other organizations, such as the International Economic Development Council, and our organization, OEDA, as well as training topics and the value of professional development.

The survey results were clear that Oregon economic development professionals want professional development trainings to keep up with emerging economic development topics and learn new skill development. We also heard that Oregon professionals want to demonstrate commitment to the profession by being certified and view OEDA as the organization to fill the professional development gap.

We’ve worked hard the past few years to deliver on your needs and have developed a certification program that’s accessible, affordable, and most important, high-quality.

The program is tailored to provide a broad-based knowledge of economic opportunities and trends, core competencies, and tools required to compete in today’s global economy with a focus on economic development in Oregon, both urban and rural.

Through this program, we join the ranks of other states, such as Tennessee, Georgia, and Arizona that have state specific certification programs.

Save the Date for our first class “Economic Development in Oregon” on Wednesday, October 25th following our Fall Conference.