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Forging the Future of Metals Manufacturing

The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center – Research & Development (OMIC R&D) is a unique collaborative consisting of members from the metals manufacturing industry, academia and government.  The collaborative provides applied research solutions to manufacturing process challenges our industry members have identified; improving quality, increasing productivity, decreasing environmental impact and reducing costs. OMIC R&D’s local, regional, national and global partners in industry work closely with our three academic partners to develop cutting edge, innovative solutions to today’s industry challenges.

In addition to its research focus in metals manufacturing, OMIC R&D is partnering with Portland Community College, area high schools as well as its university and industry members to provide certifications, apprenticeships, advanced skills training and advanced degrees to fill the skills gap facing the region’s metals manufacturers. To do this, OMIC and its partners will provide basic and advanced metals manufacturing skills training to those interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing, provide additional skills training to those already working in metals manufacturing, and retrain those who wish to change careers.  Part of the challenge is to demonstrate to teachers, school administrators, students and their parents that metals manufacturing jobs are not the dark, greasy, dangerous jobs of 30 years ago.  Instead, today’s advanced metals manufacturing workplace requires high tech skills and boasts a safe, clean work environment with great pay and benefits.

The potential for economic growth associated with meeting industry needs in advanced metals manufacturing through research and development and filling the skills gap is immense.  Metals manufacturers need to find new ways to make better products, working with the next generation of machinists, welders, engineers and others to make that possible. OMIC R&D was created to help make that happen. Visit us at www.OMIC.us for more information.