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Job: Latinex Trainer/Facilitator, Rural Development Initiatives

RDI Position Opening: Latinex Trainer/Facilitator

Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) is seeking a bi-lingual, bi-cultural program trainer and facilitator to support our growing suite of Latinx services as part of our work to build more resilient, equitable and thriving rural economies in the Pacific Northwest. RDI’s Latinx services include Pasos al Éxito (Steps to Success), a Spanish-language program that provides rural training, tools, coaching, and connection to resources needed for the development of small, locally owned enterprises. RDI has recently created two additional specialized programs to support food and childcare business development, and we see opportunities for other sector specific programs as well. In addition, this position may support our Spanish language grant writing training, as well as our rural community leadership trainings in diverse communities.

RDI’s program managers act as liaisons, coordinators, delivery leads, and as a primary community contact to assess needs and opportunities for the development of proposals in their given program area(s). The position includes a range of responsibilities from program design to budgeting, stakeholder relations, facilitation, and small business and entrepreneur support and referrals.

About RDI

Rural Development Initiatives, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization based in Coburg, Oregon.

Our Mission

RDI strengthens rural people, places, and economies in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Vision

RDI envisions rural communities that are strong and vibrant as a result of skilled, inclusive local leadership and robust community-led efforts. People in rural communities share a vision that fuels optimism and motivates positive action; they work collaboratively across their regions to achieve mutual benefit and promote diverse, resilient communities.

To Apply:

For a complete job description, instructions on how to apply for this position, and more information about RDI, please visit our website at https://rdiinc.org/employment/.

The Recruiter

Anne Mitchell

Rural Development Initiatives, Inc.