Finance Manager


Finance Manager

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The Port of Columbia County is a special district in Columbia Co

General Position Summary: Manages all aspects of municipal finance, budget, audit, and compliance with federal and state laws and statutes for the Port of Columbia County. Prepares project, grant and loan reporting. Manages IT program, equipment and cyber security. Promotes intergovernmental relations at all levels as well as public/community relations as Port representative. Manages public contracting.

Essential Functions:

  • Directs accounts receivables and payables, payroll and payroll reports.
  • Prepares and administers the Port’s operating and capital budgets and serves as Budget Officer.
  • Reconciles account statements, prepares financial reports including year-end financial statements and facilitates audit.
  • Creates and maintains complex excel modeling and metrics for budget forecasting, revenue and expenditure financial analysis.
  • Facilitates research for loan and grant applications and reports; manages contract, project fund and grant distribution, compliance and reporting.
  • Provides review of revenue generating contracts from finance perspective.
  • Promotes intergovernmental and public relations at the federal, state, regional and local level as Port representative.
  • Manages public contracting including reviewing requests for proposals/qualifications, submitted proposals, and awards.
  • Reviews purchasing for Port operations.
  • Reviews business prospect’s business plans and financial returns.
  • Responds to public inquiries and internal requests for information and analyses.
  • Designs, updates and presents oral and written reports and produces metrics for senior management, agenda items for Commission, and for other Port meetings.
  • Coordinates efforts with legal counsel, consultants, contractors, and governmental agencies.
  • Maintains IT system, cyber security, computer equipment replacement and phone system.
  • Reviews established practices and procedures in search of improvements, efficiencies and internal controls. Establishes and maintains appropriate internal control safeguards. Ensures records systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

To apply, please submit the following:

Cover letter of interest describing why you’re applying

Your current resume

Your completed Port Employment Application

Veterans’ Preference documents (if applicable)

Please send the above by email to or drop off at our office at P.O. Box 190, 100 E Street, Columbia City, OR, 97018.

To apply for this job please visit