OEDA Case Studies

Case Study: Business Retention Expansion

Facebook opened its first Prineville data center in April 2011 and has rapidly expanded in rural communities beyond. With stiff competition, Prineville needed to enhance its business environment to encourage Facebook’s continued expansion at their Prineville campus.
The solution involved the passage of SB 611 to ensure that data centers would not be centrally assessed OEDA’s legislative advocacy made a significant contribution to the bill’s passage. This initiative together with Prineville and Crook County’s approval of a new 15-year enterprise zone agreement led to Facebook’s investment in a 3rd data center at nearly half a million square feet. The City and County have a well-earned reputation for being business friendly and are committed to “working at the speed of business”.

Community Benefit
  • Investment in excess of $200 million
  • Job creation – approximately 38 jobs
  • Franchise fees that the City uses for infrastructure and other local investments
  • Facebook Community Grants in excess of $1M used by Prineville schools and nonprofits since 2010