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Sarah Garrison named CEO for PNDC

Sarah Garrison has been hired as the new CEO for Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC). She will assume her role on March 19, 2018. Ms. Garrison competed with over 100 other candidates and six finalists to emerge the clear, unanimous choice of the PNDC Search Committee.

Ms. Garrison has a strong background in economic and business development working with agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals engaged in strategic economic development efforts. She has both knowledge and experience in government relations, most recently as Director of Government Affairs for COMCAST, and previously as Economic Development Manager for the City of Hillsboro, as it pertains to public policy development and legislative advocacy. Over the years, she has successfully worked with both public and private sector clients. She has experience in cultivating business partnerships and is adept at maintaining relationships. She is a no-nonsense lady, quickly assessing the landscape, issues, and objectives – then creating an actionable plan with measurable goals and outcomes. Ms. Garrison holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Georgia.