OEDA Job Board


Job: Program Manager - Rural Development Initiatives

Exempt Employee (1.0 FTE)
Starting Annual Salary Range: $40 – $65,000
Position Salary Range: $40 – $75,000
Reports to the Director of Leadership Services

Job Purpose
You will provide training and facilitation services for rural locations throughout the Pacific Northwest—with a
predominant workload in Washington state. You will deliver or co‐train RDI’s renowned leadership development
course and walk beside community members as they strive to create economic vitality and resiliency in their
region. Providing hands‐on leadership and program management, you will act as liaison, coordinator, facilitator/
trainer, and primary contact to assess needs and opportunities and develop proposals for RDI services. Position
includes a wide range of responsibilities from program design to budgeting, stakeholder relations, participant
recruitment, service implementation, and evaluation.

For complete job announcement and application instructions, please visit https://www.rdiinc.org/employment

Deadline for application is 8 am, Monday, September 24, 2018.