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Job: Multiple Positions - DevNW

DevNW is hiring for multiple positions!

  • Chief Culture Officer
  • Chief Capital Access Officer

Position and application information:  https://www.devnw.org/about/careers-volunteer/

Chief Culture Officer:

The CCO will be a primarily internally-facing position that will work with every team across the organization to cultivate an inclusive, healthy, nimble, and cohesive internal culture. The CCO will provide leadership for our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice work; oversee a comprehensive Human Resources program that is rooted in equity and focuses holistically on staff wellbeing and development; develop our collective internal leadership, supervisory, and management capacity; and shape internal communication and culture-building activities to foster a connected and high-performing team. A strong candidate will:

  • Have significant experience in – and creative approaches to – organizational development and culture-building;
  • Have deep understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work including a commitment to fostering anti-racism both internally and externally to DevNW;
  • Have the ability to build rapport with – and provide coaching to – staff members across diverse positions, seniority levels, and lived-experience;
  • Be excited and energized by the opportunity to shape the future of this position and the organization.

Chief Capital Access Officer:

The CCAO will work to ensure that the financial tools we offer (including consumer, home repair, and micro/small business loans; matched savings programs; downpayment assistance funding; etc.) are reaching and impacting BIPOC communities and others who have been historically excluded from homeownership, business development, and other asset building opportunities. The CCAO will work internally to ensure that our systems are designed and operated to reach communities that have been historically marginalized from access to capital, work externally to build relationships and collaborations that get financial tools to these communities, and help DevNW advocate for additional financial resources to meet community needs and begin to overcome historic disparities. A strong candidate will:

  • Be passionate about getting financial tools and resources into the hands of communities who have been historically excluded from the financial sector and from government-sponsored housing and asset building programs;
  • Be a systems-thinker, who can help us structure our programs and operations in a way that provides the best access for BIPOC communities and others who have been under-served by financial systems;
  • Constantly seek to understand, advocate for, and seek to implement (at DevNW and/or through partnerships) the additional financial tools and resources needed to overcome historic disparities in homeownership, business development, and asset-building.