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Job: Mid Valley Regional Solutions Coordinator


Overview of position:

There is an opening for the Mid Valley Regional Solutions Coordinator, which is a full-time Principal Executive Manager F position in the Governor’s Office.  The Mid Valley region includes Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties.  Regional Solutions Coordinators are based throughout the state with a mission to maximize efficiency of state agencies and collaborate with a wide range of government, private, and philanthropic partners to support economic and community development.  The Regional Solutions Teams that they coordinate are charged with finding a way to get to “yes.”

Requested Skills:

  • Government experience.  Understanding of executive and/or legislative branch practices at the local, state, or federal level. Ability to work with senior government officials.
  • Economic and community development knowledge.  Understanding of best practices for creating family-wage jobs and equitable economic growth for all Oregonians.
  • Solutions-oriented. Ability to identify and evaluate solutions to bureaucratic, organizational, and policy challenges.
  • Strategic. Ability to prioritize among a wide variety of tasks.  See the big picture while managing a busy workload.
  • Effective leader.  Manage a team and work with variety of stakeholders. Commitment to inclusion, transparency, and efficiency.
  • Political savvy. Excellent judgment related to politics, relationships, and good governance.