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Job: Executive Director - MECOP, Inc. (Corvallis, Oregon)

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, MECOP, Inc. is a unique, student-focused, industry driven internship program for
engineering and business students, partnering with universities and industry. MECOP Inc., is a financially
stable nonprofit, not dependent on grants or fundraising. With the retirement of our legacy Executive
Director, we are seeking a dynamic, passionate leader to head up our successful non-profit organization.
The ideal candidate will thrive in a collaborative environment and be able to take direction from the Board.
If you are
• a Strong and effective communicator and presenter
• a Dynamic and passionate leader
• Passionate about providing real world work experience to students before graduation
• a Strategic thinker and problem solver
• Able to work closely with private industry, public agencies and universities
• Able to build and maintain relationships for program support and alliance
And if you want to
• Help engineering, and business students obtain the best internships available in the Northwest
• Work with Board members, industry partners and universities
• Lead the MECOP team through daily activities and program events

Visit www.mecopinc.org/directorsearch to view the full Executive Director job description,
learn more about our organization and to apply. Make sure you include:

• A cover letter (maximum of two pages), describing how your skills and experience would meet the
requirements outlined in the job description and what you uniquely bring to the job
• A resume that includes a chronological work history. References will be requested of final

Application Deadline is September 4, 2018