OEDA Legislative Agenda

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OEDA uses the grassroots strength of the association and our members to advocate for policy, resources, and tools supportive of economic development. Economic developers today need to maintain and enhance the economic development tools in order to remain competitive in an increasingly complicated business environment.

Traditionally, Oregon has used lottery proceeds, bonding authority, and other rmechanisms to establish economic development incentives designed to promote job growth and the strengthening of wages. While OEDA will be broadly supportive of many business development and business climate programs and policies, OEDA will focus its proactive legislative activity in arenas where OEDA can be particularly targeted and effective.

OEDA will be supportive and respective of the business advocacy agendas of other organizations such as the Association of Oregon Industries, the Oregon Business Council, the Oregon Business Association, and Oregon InC. OEDA's niche will be focused on the specific economic development programs necessary for economic development practitioners to be effective and competitive in their field.


Oregon Legislature - Contact Information

OEDA works to provide its members with the latest information on legislative matters to help facilitate conversations with elected officials. We encourage local economic development practitioners and the business community to maintain regular contact with your elected representatives so they are aware of the issues facing your local economic development efforts. Follow this link to identify your State and U.S. Legislators.